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1st time poster...need some advice (kind of long)

So I'm new to the boards and have sort of just been browsing around but have just found myself w a situation i am new to and need some help w. My DS just turned 2 in June and is very much an outdoorsman so we spend most every night(weather permitting) in our backyard and our next door neighbors have a 7yr old DD that likes o come over and play. She is a relatively wellbehaved child and my son LOVES her and gets so excited when he sees her come to the fence. The problem is that her parents let her come and goes as she pleases and they are pretty petty and materialistic and it shows through the little girl. She is constantly saying things like "why is our backyard bigger than yours", "our Halloween decorations are better then the peoples down the street", and my absolute favorite "we spent $XXXX on this" Its gotten so that my DH doesnt come outside if she comes over. I know we can ignore it because she only does what she is taught by her parents but i keep thinking this could have a negative effect on DS. Am I just being paronid and overprotective???

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  • Welcome! 

    I would try to counter her statements.  If she says our Halloween decorations are better than the neighbors, I would say something like, "the neighbor decorated their house the way that they like it.  Isn't it great that everyone's house looks different?"  You probably aren't going to change her but your DS will hear what you have to say and will remember that.

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  • honestly, i don't think that your DS is old enough to really be affected by her.  He will learn mostly from you at this point, and most of what she is saying is probably going over his head anyway.

    But for the sake of getting rid of the annoyance, I would do like what pp said and just offer a counter to it.

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  • I agree with PP. And your DS is going to learn there are all types of people out there. This is a great chance for you to show him how to deal with it in the real world.

  • Thanks everyone!! I like the counter her question advice and i think i will try to use that and also remember that he is going to be exposed to it through his whole life so i can use this as a teaching opportunity :)
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