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sick and no appetitie

L is sick this weekend with some virus.  She doesn't have much appetite and won't eat any solids.  She will only take milk and water.  What will your kid eat even when they don't have an appetite?  I've tried her favorite foods and still nothing.  At what point should I be concerned?
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Re: sick and no appetitie

  • As long as she's taking liquids you're good. If you still have formula, you could give her that if you are worried about her not taking calories. Other than that, I wouldn't worry. She will work it out.
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  • thanks!  We are on whole milk so there is no formula.  I'm sure she will be a bottomless pit when she does get her appetite back.
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  • She'll bounce back in no time, just keep offering fluids.
  • Ditto everyone!  If you're really concerned you could offer Pedialyte; if she doesn't like the liquid form (don't get the plain; it just FEELS gross in your mouth--I tried it when HC wouldn't drink it once, just to see), they make great popsicles.  Might be that her throat is sore/scratchy, so something nice and cold (or warm, if she'll take warmed milk or tea) will make her feel better.  Applesauce, yogurt, anything smooth and chilly always helps us.  Hope she feels better soon!
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