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crap, possible stenosis

So the pediatrician mentioned back in the day we needed to check up on Logan's head measurements because his head was kinda long and she mentioned possible suture fusion. well his nephrologist mentioned he noticed that his sutures on the forehead looked fused because he has a ridge going up his head. He said he would mention it to my ped and I should get it looked at during the next check up.

I am sure this means another specialist visit but until then I got sucked into the world of google-ing metopic stenosis...and now I am worried about possible surgery.

 noooooooooooooot cool.


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Re: crap, possible stenosis

  • I don't know @ stenosis, but wanted to give you (((hugs)))

    My LO Kate needs surgery in December....  I'm trying not too google too much.... cuz when I do....this happens------------>Indifferent

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