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cold and birthday party

would you take your toddler to a birthday party if he/she were at the end of a cold but still had a runny nose and mild congestion?

Re: cold and birthday party

  • Nope.
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  • Probably.  If I knew the mother well enough.  My younger son has a birthday in Jan.  He'll never have any guests at a party ever if runny noses aren't welcome.
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  • Depends on the kid - if they are feeling good, then yes.  If they are still miserable or cranky, then no. 
  • My sister brought her booger nosed quadruplets to my girls bday parties. I was a little paranoid about the germs but I couldnt say no to my girls' cousins.
  • Runny nose is no big deal for me. With congestion, I'd probably keep him home. Mine has the sniffles right now and is supposed to have his own birthday party tomorrow. I'm going to forewarn my brother, as he has a 4mo, but otherwise I'm not going to worry about it.
  • We didn't (last weekend) but mainly for two reasons: (1) we knew there would be a preemie there, didn't want to expose him and (2) I didn't want DS exposed to any more germs until this cold had passed, he needed to get better for other activities coming up.

    Otherwise, it wouldn't have been as big a deal to me.

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