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Ft Drum, NY??

My husband is in AIT at Eglin AFB for EOD and is graduating Nov. 19. We're driving to his next duty station which is like 22 hrs away, it's making me nervous because we'll be there a week before my full term date, I'll have to be in temporary housing while he inprocesses, I wont have a doctor, and I don't know anyone up there! I don't want to stress out and cause any problems but it's hard not to worry about it because its getting really close!

Re: Ft Drum, NY??

  • I'm at Ft. Drum and just had a baby in August. I'll be glad to answer any questions you have. You can send me a private message if you want.
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  • I heard that I'd have to go off base to a local hospital and didn't know if that was true, I was also concerned with where i would stay while my husband inprocesses and if he would be staying with me or be in separate barracks. 
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  • Yes you will deliver off post because Ft. Drum does not have a hospital on post, only a clinic. I delivered in Watertown at Samaritan Medical Center. All of my OB visits were off post at the Ft. Drum Ob/Gyn clinic also located at Samaritan. The other off post hospital is Carthage Area Hospital. I have no knowledge of that hospital though. The doctors here are great and I had a great birth experience at Samaritan.

    As far as where you would stay while your husband is inprocessing there are a few options.  The Drum Inn is guest housing that is located on Ft. Drum. There are also hotels in the area that you could stay at. When we moved here we did both until we found housing. Your husband will be staying with you while he inprocesses. If you have anymore questions just ask and I'll try to help. Good luck on your move!





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  • We just left Drum in July and I also had a child while up there.  I'd go ahead and contact the Fort Drum OB Clinic to see if they are taking new patients at this time because there are instances when they have to refer you out because of their patient load.  Don't wait until you get up there to find out that you have to find a local provider.  Don't worry though, it'll all go smoothly as long as you're proactive! 
  • thank you both so much!!
  • Late joining the convo. I agree with PP to call and see if Fort Drum OB is accepting new patients. When I was pregnant I was given the option to use a private practice. I went with Fort drum OB- which is connected to samaritan hospital. Mainly because they had a sick call for any issues you had which I liked than having to go to general doc for a sinus infection.

     Samaritan was great, I know tons of people that have delivered there and loved it. If you have any other questions let me know. GL with the drive. We have been here 3 years, so if you need info let me know.

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