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Anyone else prescribed Cytotec/Misoprostol?

When I went to the ER on Sunday night for bleeding I thought I was 13 weeks along according to my EDD and date of last menstrual cycle. They told me after blood work and an ultrasound that the sac was around 7 weeks. My body hadn't recognized that I was no longer pregnant, so they prescribed me Cytotec to be taken orally. I'm just curious if anyone else here has gone through a medical miscarriage with this drug and your experience. Everyone I know who's lost a baby had a natural miscarriage. I'm just curious about other's stories, if you care to share.

Re: Anyone else prescribed Cytotec/Misoprostol?

  • I was given cytotec also, but vaginally because I had to go through labor and deliver our daughter. I was given my last dose orally and then went into labor about 4 hours later after 2 days of vaginal doses every 12 hours. It did speed things up a lot! The doctor told me that it takes some time because it makes you dilate slowly as to prevent any internal damage. Good luck and I hope it all goes as smoothly as it can for you :) Sending T&P

  • I obviously didn't scroll down enough. I JUST noticed another thread about this. Oops!! Confused
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  • I had to take two doses, I was told that when I thought I should have been 8wks along I was only measuring 5wks. Unfortunately I had come down with the flu last Friday evening but when I heard the news I was devistated and wanted it to be over with, so I went a head and took the pills vaginally. I pass a clot and spotted but it wasn't as much as I thought it would be. An ultrasound Monday showed that I had not passed anything, so the doctor procribed another dose orally and vaginally. It worked within 2 hours. I was NOT prepared for what I was about to see. I kept bleeding but after passing three large clots it was over with for the most part. A week later now and I am still spotting, the pain has subsided. The pain was another thing I thought wouldn't last as long, I would cramp and then it would move to my back, that too has just started to stop a week later now. Good luck in your future pregnancies, thoughts are with you.

  • After my first mc I was prescribed it vaginally. I gave used it, and cramped soo much all day, then bled for 6 hrs (which by the way is too long, so if your bleeding through a heavy pad in a hour for a couple hours you should go to the ER). A few days later I started cramping severely again, and spotting. They did an US and stated that it had not completely passed. They didn't give it again, but instead did methotrexate. I cramped a lot with that and bled some more. I was given 2 prescriptions of that, and my last us showed that nothing had passed, and I had to go in for a D&C. I won't choose to do that path again, right now I'm cramping alot, so I'm probably going to have to go in for a D&C again this next week. I was hoping it would pass naturally, but it doesn't seem to be going that way. I'm sorry for your loss, I thought I was 12 weeks, so I understand what your going through. My thoughts are with you, and that it goes quickly for you not matter which way you choose.

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  • I'm so sorry (((hugs)))

    I'm on cytotec now (through tomorrow morning), but I had an incomplete natural miscarriage first.  I was 8w2d when I miscarried, but the sac was only 6 weeks.  The ultrasound I had on Friday showed "products of pregnancy" left over, so they sent me home with a 48-hour dose of cytotec.  So far, I've had pretty bad cramping (I'm on 600mg ibuprofin every 4-6 hours as needed), but no bleeding yet.  Your story will probably be different, since your body hadn't started to miscarry on its own yet.  Don't be afraid to ask for stronger painkillers if you think you need them.  

    Yesterday, when I started the drug, it took about an hour for me to start feeling cramps.  The rest of the day, I just wanted to sit around and not do anything.   Please let us know if we can give you any support, and keep us updated.

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  • Thank you girls for sharing. I am so sorry for all of your losses. It never occured to me in a million years that this could happen when we found out we were expecting.

    My experience with Cytotec: They gave me 2 pills orally on Sunday evening. This week I've had heavy bleeding everyday with heavy cramping. The cramping got so bad on Thursday and Friday (even with heavy duty painkillers) that they told me to go the ER. I mean these had me doubled over in a ball on the floor huffing and doing Lamaze breathing (coached by my sister who just had a baby). It was honestly a pain I've never felt before. I went to the ER where they told me that I was still in the middle of my MC (duh) and to see the doctor today to determine whether on not I need a D&C. I passed some really big, scary clots this weekend, so I'm hoping the worst is behind me. I really don't want a D&C. My appointment's at 11am so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

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