Please tell me this is part of a 3 month growth spurt! — The Bump

Please tell me this is part of a 3 month growth spurt!

The past 2 days my girls have been extremly cranky after only being awake 45 mins. - a hour and need to nap more than ever - but they still fight me like crazy on napping!  Yesterday they were napping through feedings and going 3 1/2 - 4 hours rather than their 3 hours feedings, which is odd for them because they usually get hungry at 3 hours on the dot!

We finally got them down to one bottle at night and it's a couple oz. less than they normally take during the day, but they have been getting up multiple times at night, sometimes just for a quick binkie replacement others for meltdowns where they have to be rocked and soothed (they are not good self-soothers, though it seemed they were getting a little better until this started) sometimes for up to an hour with my more dramatic DD!

Please tell me that this is part of a growth spurt and will past soon!  They have both up their daily intake, but that has been for almost a week and Thursday night things seemed to start to fall apart.

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Re: Please tell me this is part of a 3 month growth spurt!

  • Not sure if this is a grwoth spurt since my girls aren't there yet.  But, it definately sounds like they are ready to space the feedings .  My girls just started going from every 3 hrs on the dot to every 3 1/2-4 hrs.
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  • Not sure when this will pass, but your post sounded familiar to me!  Cranky, fighting naps, and going longer between feedings due to extra napping.  My laidback DD slept almost 11 hours last night (!), while my super-energetic DD was up every other hour last night to be reswaddled and pacifier replaced.  

     Here's to hoping for more peaceful nights... 


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