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OMG - What DS just got into

DS gets into EVERYTHING (he's 25.5 months). You can't even turn your back for one second. DH is at work so its just DS and I this morning. I ran into the bathroom for a minute (its the main level powder room off the living room, so I could see him). He ran into the kitchen, and all of the sudden I heard what sounded like glass breaking. I ran into the kitchen. He had gotten a big collage picture frame that was on the table (DH was going to hang it today) and somehow broke it into a ton of pieces. He was sitting on the kitchen floor playing with the glass pieces. He tried his hardest to hold onto the pieces of glasses, while I was trying to take them out of his clenched hand without him getting cut. I got them away from him and thank goodness he barely got cut at all, just a tiny little cut or two that didn't even need a bandaid. But thinking of what could've happened makes me sick to my stomach. He really could've cut himself bad or tried to eat the glass. 

This is one of the reasons DH and I are waiting on TTC #2 until next year when DS is older, as much as we don't want there to be too much of an age gap. His work schedule is very demanding and he's gone a lot, so a lot of times its just DS and I. DS is into everything and requires undivided attention. As much as I'd like another baby, I just can't imagine him and a newborn right now. 

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Re: OMG - What DS just got into

  • Oh no, I'm glad he's ok!  Is there anyway to restrict him further (baby gates, etc) to keep him from getting to potentially dangerous items around the house?
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