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Day 3 bloodwork and U/S

Well I ended up at Shady Grove today for Day 3 bloodwork and U/S. 

The bloodwork came by fine and the U/S showed that I have ovaries that have follicles.  According to my research, my bloodwork levels are all in the normal/excellent category so its one less worry.  The main one I was worried about was FSH.  FSH is often used as a gauge of ovarian reserve. In general, under 6 is excellent, 6-9 is good.  Mine came back at 6.10 so I feel good about that. 

My HSG is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.  SO not looking forward to that but hopefully I can make it though.


Re: Day 3 bloodwork and U/S

  • Congrats on the great day 3 blood work and ultrasound! That's an awesome step.

    I was definitely nervous when I had my HSG done, but it really wasn't anywhere near as bad as I had worked it up to be in my mind. Not much worse than a pap smear with some minor cramping. Hopefully your experience is similar.

    Good luck! You are definitely in good hands at Shady Grove.

  • Oh good luck!  I LOVED my experience with Shady Grove (at GBMC).  Are you doing IUI or IVF right now?
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  • Hopefully neither.  I had an ectopic pregnancy where I lost one tube so we are checking the other one and my  overall funtions since I haven't been able to get pregnant after trying a lot.  If my tube is blocked, my only option is IVF. If its clear or the HSG can unblock it, then we can keep trying naturally or do Clomid bc sometimes I don't ovulate or move to IUI down the road.
  • Well best of luck with everything.. I know what a struggle it is and I am so sorry you're experiencing this.  Are you at GBMC?  Yazigi was my primary but I saw Katz just as much.. absolutely loved both of those.  Yazigi was a not so friendly at first but by the end I oculdn't say I liked one over the other.. both great guys.
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