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she pooped - and then she screamed

dd likes to sit on the potty every night before taking a bath. she pooped tonight while on it (yay!!!) and screamed the entire time. total panic.

we cheered and tried to comfort her. anyone had this happen?

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Re: she pooped - and then she screamed

  • Do you think it hurt or she was just freaked about pooping on the potty?

    DD is obsessed with the idea that everything has a family and constantly matching things up in family groups. We told DD that poop is where the potty belongs. That is its home and it wants to be flushed so it can go be with its family... you know, all the other poops that have gotten flushed. This got reinforced because we dump poop from diapers into the toilet as well. She used to wave and say bye bye as she flushed.

    - Jena
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