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Fill In the Blank ____________

My child makes us watch ________________ over and over again!

Re: Fill In the Blank ____________

  • Princess and the Frog -she can recite the entire movie it ridiculous

    Elmo and India Arie on youtube

    I Whip My Head Back and Forth- she likes to swing her hair around and around it's a hot mess

    Your Baby Can Read dvds- I know this is bad but I'm so sick of them lol

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  • Elllmmmmmoooo (as Ava would say).  I made the mistake of playing a movie on my laptop now every time she sees my laptop she yells Elmo.  We also have to watch Yo Gabba Gabba over and over and over again. 

    It is much worse in the car.  We have two Yo Gabba Gabba CDs.  She used to listen to all the songs but now she is fixated on the Good Bye song (the one with Jack Black) and as soon as it finishes she says more more.  We have to listen to that song over and over.  But it is cute hearing her yelling Bye Bye Bye in her best singing voice. 


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  • "Hot Dog" aka Mickey Mouse Club House. And anytime we're in the car we have to either listen to the hot dog song or "princess" (the music cd that came with her beauty and the beast dvd.
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • Toy Story 1 AND 2......I can't imagine what'll happen when we get TS3 next week!
    Grant Thomas 8.8.06 and Reid Alexander 8.11.08
  • Super Why

    Little Einsteins

    But now he has a little dvd player that we take in the car/house and he watches his own stuff on it.  So mommy and daddy get the tv back.  yay :) 

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Squequel

    Curious George

    Dinasaur Train

    that would be the past 3 weeks, though Curious George is a constant from age 2.

  • I just got home from visiting my 18 mo old niece and she is OBSESSED with Elmo videos on You Tube. My brother and SIL have to hide the laptop from her. LOL. She loves Elmo's Song, Elmo's Ducks, and the Alphabet with Elmo.

    I actually have Elmo stuck in my head at the moment. "Elmo has 4 ducks.." UGH.

  • Oh I forgot Calou (sp?) sprout is the devil lol
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