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Freaking Baby Brain!!!!!

I work on Post (Ft. Hood).  DH came to pick me up for lunch today.  One of the guys that works in the office with me was going to be here until after I got back so I told him "I have nothing with me, not even a phone"...just as an FYI, please don't lock me out of the office. 

We got all the way to McD's...yum...and were back in the car driving back to post and it occurred to me that I left EVERYTHING in the office.  Thank GOD my BFF was home and had the car....she ran to the office, grabbed my wallet, and brought it to me at the Visitor's Center so that I could get back on post. 

omg...I'm such a [email protected]  I told DH that if anyone gives him crap for being late (unlikely, but still) please quote me " wife asked me to answer the question of why I'm late with this statement...and I quote "When my wife isn't pregnant, she's brilliant...when she's pregnant, she loses all brain power so the baby can be smart.  She's a fvcking idiot" LOL  DH would never repeat that unless in great humor and I was laughing the whole time I said it...but jeez...can I get any dumber????  

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Re: Freaking Baby Brain!!!!!

  • LOL I have a fear of doing that too!  You're lucky your friend was able to get everything for you and meet you at the visitors center.  This is one of the things I worry about with us living off post. I know as soon as I have all the passes (we got married on the 9th) that DH is going to expect me to run stuff over to him all the time and I'm just bound to leave my ID somewhere. Ugh!
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