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similac gold?

Did anyone else get something saying you've been selected to be a similac gold member?  I got one yesterday.  I get coupons, etc and a free shutterfly book (cookielady's post reminded me).  i even have a special card w/ a member #.  it also has a number for feeding specialists i can includes LC's.

I'm all for it, but I haven't used similac (or any other formula) in over a year.  I am exclusively bfing cooper.  so it's kind of weird. 

just curious if anyone else got it too...

Re: similac gold?

  • I got that in the mail too...I assumed it was because I sent back my recalled container of Similac. 
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  • If you don't already have someone to take those coupons off of your hands for the Similac, I'd love to have them.  Big Smile

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  • I got it too.  We've moved on to formula feeding so I didn't mind signing up.  If nothing else, I get a free photobook.
  • I totally got this too.  Ava never had a drop of formula and is now 19 months old.  Why on earth would I want to join your gold club?  And they sent me 2 nice size cans of formula w/ a bunch of $5 check. 


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