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WWYD - Bedtime issue

Mia will be 4 next month.  If she naps during the day, she's up until 10pm or later and doesn't get enough rest.   (mostly, she fight naps.)  However, if she doesn't nap, she really needs to be in bed by 7:30pm in order to get enough rest.

 The problem, though, is that Micah still takes great naps (she'll be 2 in January) and needs to stay up until 8pm because of it.

You woudl have thought the world ended that Mia was having to go to bed before Micah.  There is no reasoning.  Just a lot of screaming and taking her back to bed.  Until AFTER Micah went to bed. 

So... any advice?  Or anything you'd do differently?

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Re: WWYD - Bedtime issue

  • Adjust Micah if possible so that she takes a slightly shorter nap (or earlier nap) so that they go to bed at the same time. It sounds like Mia is done with napping and it's totally normal at her age, but there's no need for Micah to give her nap up just because Mia is done.  I feel your pain...Amelia's starting to fight naps, but I am SO not ready to let go yet. 
  • Can it appear to Mia that Micah is going to bed, when she really isn't quite yet... and then have quiet time with Micah in her room before her bedtime?  We are really having issues going back and forth on napping and not napping right now, so I really feel for you.  Thankfully, DS1 still sees DS2 as a baby on a changing schedule and not as much of a peer as he will later on.
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  • Does laying in bed reading books count as "going to bed" in her eyes?
  • Anything away from the family = goign to bed = screaming.  :/

     The girls share a room... so she definitely knows if Micah is in bed or not.  ;)

    I am trying to adjust Micah's nap.  She's been napping a bit less, which has helped.  That seems to be the best solution right now.  Thanks!

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