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Learning Tower?

Does anyone have one of these and if so what do you think?  Is it useful? Fun? Educational?

Too big?




Re: Learning Tower?

  • I wanted one for several months when DS was younger.  I never did end up ordering one (couldn't justify the money) and I'm actually really glad I didn't.  They are a great idea for younger toddlers, but truthfully, just a few months later they are more than capable of using a stepstool without problem.  So, in my opinion, its too expensive for the short amount of time that its used for.
  • Best. Investment. Ever.

    We've been using ours for 2 years now, and I know many families whose kids use them well into elementary school. They're great for 2 kids to use at once, they're sturdier and taller than a step stool, you can get an easel attachment (DD loves that part), and also a playhouse add-on kit (we don't have that one).

    It gets more use than any other furniture in our house except for our beds.

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  • I bought one when my DD was 2.5 (on Amazon.com, free shipping, good price).

    I had just had my second baby, and DD had fallen off a stepstool onto our hard tile floor a few too many times.  I mean I was standing next to her once while she was washing grapes in the sink and she tumbled off the stepstool and smacked her head on the tile.  But then again, my DD never stops moving..!!

  • I should clarify - we LOVE it! 

    And DD actually uses it to eat.  I know, it's prob weird, but she eats standing up at the kitchen counter.  And she does a million other things in it - crafts, baking, washing stuff in the sink, etc.  It gets so much use and it has been worth the peace of mind.  I was so "over it" when I had the second baby and I didn't have to worry about DD falling any more!

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