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Hi ladies,

I've been lurking here for the last week, and think it's high time to introduce myself.  I had a natural miscarriage last Saturday at 8w2d, after an u/s showed a yolk sac with no fetal pole measuring 5w5d last Friday.  I had a follow-up u/s this morning, and am going to be starting misoprostol tonight (400mg every 6 hours for two days) for some remaining tissue.  

This week has been the hardest week of my life.  I miscarried during a work trip that I was on with all of my organization's higher-ups, so it was incredibly difficult, and we hadn't told anyone IRL that we were pregnant yet--so aside from DH, I haven't had a lot of support this week.  I feel bad that I can't tell DH how to make me feel better--I don't think he understands that it's just going to take time, and it will happen eventually.  Your advice to others has already been a great help this week, so thank you!   

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We'll always remember our angel baby: BFP 9/24/10, M/C 10/23/10 8w4d

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  • I'm so sorry that you have to be here. There are a few girls here who were as far along as you and hadn't told anyone but DH yet. I think this is such a great supportive place to be. I will certainly hide out in our computer room(work in preschool) at work when I go back on Monday, because I know I will need these ladies to get me through. Good luck with the healing(physically). I hope it goes smoothly for you. :)
  • Hi. Glad you posted. For me, it helps to realize what happened and that I got through "the main event" and now am dealing with the after effects. Each day, for me, does get a little bit better, although it's only been since Tuesday. But I am so glad the initial shock and horror is fading. My dr has been amazing, emphasizing that it could have been far worse and that I will get pregnant again within I have been tying to focus on those positives. Thank goodness for this makes me feel like I am not alone.  :)  T&P your way.

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