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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Weird symptoms weeks after- somewhat TMI

Hello Ladies:

I lost my baby after 4-5 weeks.  I am not exactly sure how far along I was but I know it had to be at least 4 weeks but no more than 6 weeks due to ovulation dates.

I bled for about a week and had a natural miscarriage.

I recently noticed that since the miscarriage I have been having weird breast symptoms.  I never had overly sensitive nipples but lately wearing a bra is unbearable at times and on some days.  Sometimes its one and other times its both but they feel swollen and are extremely tender.  Not sure what this is about.  Like I said it doesn't happen every day but on the days it does; it hurts like a b*tch.  DH suggested going back to doctor and I may take him up on that suggestion if this continues into next week.  Again this started after I finished bleeding and has been going on for about a week and a half.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

Re: Weird symptoms weeks after- somewhat TMI

  • I'm going through something similiar....When I first got pregnant, sore boobs were an instant first sign for me that something was different/changing with me.  However, as I got closer to my miscarriage, it was my sore boobs that started to fade, making me thinking something was wrong. However, after having my D&C yesterday, it seems all my other symptoms are gone except for the sore boobs, and in fact, they feel a little more sensitive than usual, although not as bad as they were 8 weeks ago. It might just be our bodies adjusting, but I plan on asking my dr at my post-op on 11/9, if they still hurt then. If she gives me some insights about it, I will post them here. You might want to call your dr and see what she has too say too...just for peice of mind. Best wishes! :)
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