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I'm not liking clomid right about now

I've taken 3 doses so far and I was kinda irritable the past 2 days, but today I feel really annoyed, anxious, and hungry.  Generally, like I have bad PMS without the physical symptoms.  I just hope I get good news on tuesday and it is working.

I feel so bad when I'm in this kind of mood around my daughter b/c it's so easy to get annoyed with her typical 3 year old pushing the boundaries behavior.  Hopefully since today I am overly aware of what's happening, I can do better at staying calm. 

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Re: I'm not liking clomid right about now

  • That stuff is VICIOUS.  I was a crazy ho monster who couldn't sleep on it.  It does lessen once you finish taking the pills.  I hope it does the trick for you this month Wink  
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  • Oh yuck!  It definitely turned me into "monster mommy", but as long as I was aware of not being myself, I could usually hold it together.  Hopefully this does the trick.  Hang in there sweetie!
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  • Oh, I hear you.  My only "trick" is to keep DD as occupied as possible, even if it means making a crafting mess, letting her zone out on computer games, or taking an hour long bath.  Anything to reduce interaction, so long as she's safe and happy, is probably best for both of us - and it keeps me "nice" mommy.  Hang in there! 
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  • That stinks! I guess I didn't realize Clomid did that...we tried it out way back before DD...it never worked for getting Follies for us...so we scrapped it. Not that I think hard about it, I was really nasty to DH, but I guess I just put it all on the stress of IF.

    Hope this is all worth it for you!!!

  • I'm sorry - the good news is you only  have to take it for a few days. 
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  • Yeah, clomid kinda sucks that way! I hope this is the only cycle you need to do it. :)
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