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Anyone in the Martinsburg Area Familiar with Shenandoah Community Health?

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  • My 3 year old goes to Dr. Didden there.  I love him.  I plan on taking my new llittle one there as well. 
  • Thank you so much!  I thought no one would respond!  We go tomorrow for a tour!  Did you meet your dr. ahead of time?  This is our first so I have a bunch of questions for them!
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  • We never met our doctor before hand.  I went in when I was pregnant and they gave me a handout.  I was supposed to tell them at City Hospital when the baby was born that they were my pediatrician and who ever was on call at that time would look at the baby.  We had an AMAZING doctor, Dr. Statum and I loved her from the beginning, but something happened and she left the practice.  She was Eric's pediatrician for about a year and then we had Dr. Gundava and I couldn't understand him (he's Indian) so we asked for someone else and got Dr. Didden.  He just happened to work out great for us.  I don't know any other doctors there but him and Dr. G.  I would recommend Dr. Didden.  Good luck! 
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