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Fans of the Lansinoh Breast Pump

I am currently renting a Medela Symphony, but will need to buy a pump to use when I return to work.  I will need to use it at least twice a you think the Lansinoh would be a good option? Thanks!

Re: Fans of the Lansinoh Breast Pump

  • if you go with it you can get on for $80 right now with free shipping


    use the code WELCOME20

  • Just a forewarning...I noticed a HUGE difference (drop) in output when I switched from a rental pump to a store bought pump.  
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  • I used it 3x's a day until DS was 10 months with no issues.
  • I was not a fan of this pump. I wished I had gotten the Medela to me honest. I found it barely worked for me even on the highest/fastest settings.

    That said, I also had supply issues so for someone with a good supply, it may work perfectly fine.

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  • I used it from day 2 and it was a great pump.  I used it for a year and it worked great.
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  • I have it and wouldn't buy it again if I had the choice. I haven't used a medela or hospital grade pump but think my output could be a lot higher. It seems like I'm never really drained. Plus I'm on my 3rd AC adapter right now bc they keep buzzing horribly and it's the most irritating noise on earth, esp at 3am when trying to pump on little sleep. Their customer service people are also b!tchy which also has ruined the experience for me.

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  • I EP'ed with this pump with both my kids and loved it. 
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  • no problems, but I rarely pump.
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