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Whine Update

DH took DD to pedi yesterday for her wheezy. Doc did all kinds of test, listening for the wheezy, but couldn't find anything. They ordered a chest x-ray at Advanced Radiology. DD did great, stole the show at AR. X-ray came back yesterday clear. I'm happy to hear that. It sounds like she has her second cold, just love those daycare colds. One comes and then another and so on.

Thanks for listening to me vent yesterday. 




Re: Whine Update

  • So glad everything came back clear!
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  • Glad it came back clear, that puts your mind at ease.  John has been congested for almost 2 months straight, it's like cold after cold hits.  We got a call on my way home on Monday that he had a 102.3 fever, so I was off yesterday and DH is off today with him.  It's just one thing after another
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  • Glad it was clear.  It is good to know its nothing serious but it still stinks when they are sick.  Trevor woke up with 101.5 this morning.  I hope it doesnt get worse.  He is so sluggish and sappy today.  Good for me since he is snuggly but I feel bad.  Good thing I was planning on being home with him today and tomorrow anyway.


  • That's good news!

    I hear you on the daycare colds; Nora was sick pretty much non-stop from the end of April until the end of June.  She's had a couple of minor sniffles since then, but (knock on wood) she's been fine so far this fall.  I've noticed a few other babies in her room with runny noses, but she hasn't seemed to catch them (yet).  However, in the past month I've had 2 colds, and Nora seems to have not caught them from me (again with the knocking on wood).

  • I'm glad her lungs were clear, but it still stinks.  :(  Hang in there!  
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    Happy Birthday, little man. We love you so much!

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