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When did everyone tour/schedule their hospital maternity tour? We are trying to decide between St. Joe and GBMC but since this is our 1st I wasn't sure when we should set this up. Obviously before we sign up for any classes...



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Re: Tours?

  • I actually didn't do my tour until like my 6 or 7 month. I am not even doing one for this baby. You can do them anytime.
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  • I am going to be delivering at GBMC, and so I took my classes there. The tour was part of the class. I did it around 7 months. 
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  • Um I took the day long class and tour two days before I gave

    I know at GBMC, you can take just the tour for free if you want to check out their L&D...just need to schedule it and bring both of your drivers' license.

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  • To schedule a tour for GBMC you can contact the Parent Education Department.  Here is their website:

    If you are interested in a virtual tour (while you are waiting for the real thing!), they have one here:

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  • I am due in February and I am taking my tour next week.


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