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Starting to freak out about countdown to mat. leave at work.

My coworker just delivered 3.5 weeks early (both mom and baby are fine!) and I know there were a few things she wanted to wind up before she left, that she didn't get to do. So now I am starting to freak out!

I have 15 weeks left and now want to try to plan a 12 week timeline. I just need to get over the hump of the next two weeks, which will be crazy (two big events and a conference).


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Re: Starting to freak out about countdown to mat. leave at work.

  • You'll be fine! I leave in 8 and haven't done a darn thing yet to train someone to do my stuff while i'm out... AND i'm secretly hoping I go in to labor early. Devil
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  • My biggest event of the year, a five day meeting that I run with people flying in from around the country, is next week Mon - Fri.  I'll be 37 weeks.  I was joking with my boss about what would happen if I go into labor early, or if my water breaks in the middle of the meeting... she was not amused.  I was highly amused.  Stick out tongueDevil

    I think it's a fine idea to plan for an early delivery when it comes to work related stuff, so go for it.  Just don't psych yourself out - you could be like me with my girls and work through your 41rst week (unless you're taking leave before your due date?)... you never know!


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  • I started to get really on track with maternity leave prep just a week ago. Pretty crazy to think about!
  • I've already started to let go of a few projects, and to coach my staff to make decisions without me. The hard part is that I need to get through my fall and then create some timelines and checklists so other staff can fill in on supervising my projects. I hate doing timelines and checklists, so I know that I will be tempted to procrastinate.


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  • Before I left on maternity leave, I created a position handbook of all the critical information someone doing my work would need to know. I also left just before a big meeting, so tried to do as much as I could before I left, and briefed the person taking it over as much as I could. It was fine. The fact is, people can pick up the work as needed, and life will go on.

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