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today was my very first ultrasound. and unfortunately i had to go alone. don't get me wrong it really was soooo exciting! our little baby was moving around so much it was amazing! it was just so hard not having my husband there to share it with, of course i e-mailed him and sent the pics but it's just not the same ya know? we're stationed in hawaii and all of our family lives back on the mainland.right now he's overseas for another 2 months. ho hum. sorry, guess im just feeling sorry for myself. on a better note baby is completely healthy and everything looks great! =)
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  • Honestly in no way do i think you are feeling sorry for yourself. It is a very hard thing to go threw, mine is also gone and will be back in late december we hope(fingers crossed). I am sorry about your family being so far away.I hope these two months fly by , congrats on the baby being healthy and everything :). If you need anything let me know.
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  • Man, I felt awful when my husband missed our ultra sound too. Granted, he was right there in the same town, just had an inspection and couldn't make it. Didn't make me any less upset though. :( I'm so sorry.
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  • I'm sorry that's got to be tough especially not having any family around.  I'm glad the baby is doing great though!
  • I know how you feel with the family being so far away, We are stationed in Alaska and our family are all in the lower 48. My husband missed all my ultrasounds as well, but like a PP, he was on post, but not able to leave work. I feel for you Momma! Hang in there and congrats!
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