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Prego Costumes

So I just found out I am going to a costume party this weekend. I will 23.5 weeks prego. What would be a good costume to wear with out a ton of effort? I need suggestions. I feel so limited. TIA
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  • I was lucky enough to be almost 6 months pregnant one Halloween.  I was a pregnant nun with fishnet stockings and DH was a monk.  We got lots of compliments on our costumes.  I just bought a nun habit from a costume store, and I think DH's costume was from the same place.


  • If you're obviously showing then you can have a lot of fun.  Last year I was 7 months pregnant and went as an angel, DH was the devil.  Big Smile
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  • My SIL was 7 months pregnant and went as a nun a couple years ago
  • my bff went as a sumo wrestler a few years ago... it was really funny!
  • imagealisa1228:
    my bff went as a sumo wrestler a few years ago... it was really funny!

    it was me! very easy to do, just wore beige colored leggings and shirt and i got some brown felt and sewed on some "nipples".  I bought about a yard of plain black fabric and wrapped it around as my diaper.  And I borrowed an asian inspired silk robe from a friend.  My tummy wasn't super big so I actually stuffed a blanket in there to make it more pronounced.  i enjoyed the laughs i got!  

  • This is me last year... I believe that nanaan (i so know that spelling is wrong) did the same thing a couple years ago as well.  Bought a black t-shirt at target and bought felt from Michael's.


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