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Where to buy sensory products?

I am looking to buy some chew oral sensory things and a pressure vest.  I googled, but got varying results in price for what look like pretty much the same products.  I don't want to spend too much, but I also don't want to buy garbage.  Anyone have a resource they like to buy from?

Re: Where to buy sensory products?

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    A weighted vest should only be used under the supervision of an OT with specialized sensory training. An OT would make the call on how much weight, where worn and the schedule for wearing. Not following a prescribed protocol can render this strategy ineffective.

    Not a weighted vest, a pressure vest made from neoprene.  He wears one at school and his OT suggested trying one for sleep.  I hadn't thought of just using aquarium tubing, is it safe for kids to chew on as far as it's chemical composition?

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