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trying to figure this all out

My husband and I finally went to the specialists 2 weeks ago. I have one daughter (only took me 6 months to conceive on our own). Now after 2 years of trying on our own, I lost a baby in July. I'm so anxious to get started with the IUI but my body is still not back to normal. So we wait. Also it seemed like the drs left alot of things up to us when I really just wanted someone else's opinion.   Just so unsure about everything and how it all works.

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  • do you have a specific question?? waiting is a huge part of infertility unfortunately. If you want to be aggressive with treatment then you should just say that to your RE. Most wait for your okay to do that. I'm not sure how it works TTC with IUI afer a loss...maybe some one else on here can be more helpful. I personally had to seek IF help with #1 as well, we had a success after many unsuccessful Clomid cycles, then with cycle #2 on Gonal-f injections and IUI we conceived DD! Still working on #2 as we speak!

    Good luck to you!

  • I have felt exactly the same way.  I've had 2 losses so I totally understand how much waiting is involved... waiting to miscarry, waiting for betas to drop, then waiting for a normal period, etc. etc.  Hopefully your body regulates soon!  After my first period post loss, we began a testing cycle- HCG, bloodwork etc.

    I felt like my RE also left things up in the air. "Well, we can do and IUI if you want to, or maybe just Clomid...  just let the nurse know what you decide".  Umm thanks?  I left totally confused, but after getting some advice from gals on here I felt better.

    So no advice, but just wanted to say I can totally relate! 

  • My RE gave me choices as well when we were trying for our first.  For me, I kind of liked it b/c each had some benefits and we could way what was important to us. I didn't want to feel pushed into a medicated cycle.  I know it's tough waiting after a loss, we started trying the 2nd cycle after. Even though my midwife and peri said it was ok, it was about 3 more cycles before my body was totally back to normal and I felt like there wasn't even a point to trying those months, but yet I still couldn't do nothing.  Hang in there, we all know how tough it is. 

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  • Sorry that you are feeling this way.   I agree with pp that you need to speak up and tell your RE what you want and how aggressive you want to be.   Ask him what he thinks your next step should be, etc.    It's nice that they want to give you options, but I think they also give you those because some people are willing to take it far and fast and others want to wait it out.   

    Good luck! 

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