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Planned C/S... with some advice :o)

On June 13 (thats right, Friday the 13th!)I went in at 8am for my scheduled c-section. I was brought into the OR at about 9:30. They started surgery at 9:40 and my daughter, Adaira Ivy, was born at 9:47 weighing 6lbs 14oz. I was terrified but everything went really smooth.

The spinal did not hurt like I thought it would, it was just a little pinch. The whole time I could feel them moving me around but I couldn?t tell where I was being touched and I felt no pain. My dh stood up and watched them take her out of me. I was afraid he would pass out but he didn?t! (She pooped and peed as soon as she came out!) I watched him watching everything and he looked like a little kid who just saw Santa. He said ?She?s here!? At this point I got kind of freaked out because she wasn?t crying. I asked if she was ok and everyone reassured me that she was perfect. My husband said she was just looking around, taking it all in. They showed her to me briefly (and I said ?Did that really come out of me?!?) before taking her over to the warmer and checking her out. Then they called my dh over and he brought her to me. After a few minutes together, my dh went to the nursery with our dd and they finished sewing me up. I got a little panicked at this point because you have this sensation that you?re not breathing even though you are and I began to hyperventilate. They gave me some oxygen and I calmed down.

By 10:30 I was in Recovery breastfeeding. I was very lucky, my dd had a good latch from the start. A lactation consultant came in to check on us and was surprised that we had such an easy time. When she was done eating they took her to the nursery to finish her up (they delayed the bath and eye ointment until after we had a chance to bond). By 11 I was wheeled into my room where my dh was waiting for me. About 5 minutes later they brought our dd to us. We spent about 30 minutes with just us being a family before we sent for visitors. I was really nauseated this whole time and threw up everything I tried to eat or drink. The nurse gave me something and it worked like a charm! By 7 I could finally eat and not throw up!

That night, when the nurses came in to get me up and walk me around, I asked for the catheter to be removed. The nurses fought me on it (they like it to remain in until 24 hours after surgery) but eventually they called my doctor and got the ok. I was told I had to pee 6 times in 3 hours or it would have to go back in. So I had dh get me two bottles of Gatorade that I drunk between many glasses of ice water- I filled up that hat on my toilet in no time! Since I had stopped throwing up they took out my IV too but left the hep-lock (sp?) in just incase. Then we took to the halls. Walking was a little difficult at first, but again not as bad as I thought it would be. I took my pain pills as needed and was fine.

All of the nurses that came into my room were surprised that I had a c-section because I was up and about so much. By 5am the next day I was allowed to shower- which was tiring but felt wonderful. My nurse told me that out of her 15 patients who had babies on the same day (both c-sec and vaginal), only me and one other girl were up and about.

We were able to go home after 48 hours in the hospital. In fact, we almost left without doing the birth certificate because the lady doing them didn?t have ours ready yet as most c-sec patients stay 72 hours.

Motherhood is absolutely wonderful. I love my dd more than I ever thought possible. I also have found myself loving my dh even more. It?s so sweet to see him with his dd!

A week later, I could go for a 15 minute walk every night, and could shave my legs, only needing pain pills once a day. By 4 weeks I was cleared for sex, exercise and swimming. By 5 weeks I felt completely normal and no longer had and sensitivity around my incision.

My advice if you?re having a c-section: Find out you hospitals policies! I asked that my arms not be restrained and they were fine with it. If you?re breastfeeding, have them delay your dc first bath and eye ointment until after you have tried to feed. Get up and walk as soon as possible! It was a lot easier to walk without a catheter. Don?t be a hero- take your pain meds if you need them. Get a stool softener and gas meds for you to take when you get home (they give them to you while you?re in the hospital). Walk, walk, walk!


My 2 girls, both born on a Friday the 13th, are exactly 2 years, 2 months, 2 hours and 2 minutes apart! And Baby Boy joined us October 11, 2013! image
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