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nipple pain & ovulation

does anyone else experience sore nipples around ovulation?  I've been temping and it is nothing but frustrating to me.  Temps are still low and I'm at CD30. But, yesterday and today my nipples (not breasts) are sore.  This happens to me every cycle, but because I'm still sort of getting used to my body after being on BCPs forever, I'm not sure if this is a sign of currently ovulating, pending ovulation or post?  

 Can you let me know your opinion and experience with this? 


Re: nipple pain & ovulation

  • Please read newbie links at the bottom of my siggy.

    Many early pregnancy "symptoms" are also symptoms of the LP and pre-AF... lots of people get sore breasts/nipples, nausea, bloating etc..


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  • I get them every cycle, the day after O.
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  • yes. this cycle mine were sore from O day through 5ish dpo. Then it just evolved into tender breasts.

    hope that helps! 

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  • I get them right around O-time every cycle....and right before AF.
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  • I've never noticed it before this cycle, but I appear to be ovulating right now and I have definitely had more sensitive nipples lately, and I've also noticed some twinges in that area as well.  I'm not sure if it's truly linked to ovulation, but the timing sure is coincidental!  HTH!
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  • Yep!  I think I o'd 2 days ago and noticed that my nipples were super sensative the past couple of days!  So, of course, MH feels the need to be grabbing at them all the time lately!  OUCH!


  • Yup
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  • image jessh1221:
    Yep!  I think I o'd 2 days ago and noticed that my nipples were super sensative the past couple of days!  So, of course, MH feels the need to be grabbing at them all the time lately!  OUCH!

    Mine too! What is with men and tits? Always seems DH is grabbing and touching them allllll the time when they are sore. I'm constantly having to slap his hand out of the way. haha.

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  • That's been a sign for me the first two months I was off BCP, and I'm waiting for it again this month.  I think it's happened right before O for me and lasts a few days.  I didn't correlate it with Oing the first cycle, but did last--but didn't chart it, so I don't remember exactly when it started.



  • That is my #1 sign when I am ovulating. My nipples hurt soooo bad and are larger the day of O and the day after O.  They don't hurt any other time during my cycle.
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  • I have gotten sore nipples in previous cycles. It usually was 2 days before O for me. Two cycles ago, I had sore nipples for a week after I O'd!! It was just a new AF symptom for me. You can't base anything off it, so try not to let it worry you.
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  • It happens. Mine are really tender and it's never happened so early for me. I thought I might be O'ing, but my temps are still really low. You'll notice that when you start charting/TTC almost everything becomes a symptom. GL.
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  • experiencing it right now... just nipples like you said
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  • I went off BC July 31, the next cycle I noticed my nipples were sore and I never thought that it could mean I'm Oing.  I'll definitely pay attention to it this month.  I started BBT charting this month and I plan on using OPKs too for the first time this month.  It's exciting for me to be learning more about my body.  It's crazy that we spend so much time trying to not get pregnant :)

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