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Nightfall with a baby?

DH and I are coming to Tucson for a wedding the end of October, and one of the "pre-wedding" events is going to Nightfall at Old Tucson (the groom was a stunt man there for a while, so they have sentimental ties).  We'd like to go see the couple at one of their pre-wedding events because we won't be taking DD to the wedding, but this is the only thing I can see working.  

So for those of you that have gone to Nightfall, would it be ok to do with a 15 month old child?  I know we wouldn't do any of the haunted houses where people jump out and grab you, but I'm thinking if we stay in the open spaces/main street area it might be ok.  Would you try it with a kid?  Or is it just too scary?  TIA!   

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Re: Nightfall with a baby?

  • Personally, I wouldn't.  Scary looking people walk throughout the grounds, even in the open spaces and it gets pretty chilly out there.  They do have a few small areas with activities for younger children, but I think it may depend on the night.
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  • There is also a lot of noises (explosions) during the shows that will probably scare DD. There is a merry-go-round that is kid friendly but they don't always run it during nightfall.
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  • Thanks for the feedback ladies-I was afraid that's what I would hear.  Smile  I'm glad I asked though instead of us driving out there just to have to turn around and drive back.  Maybe we'll get to catch up with the couple another day that week.  Thanks for the help!
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