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Medela Symphony vs Lactina?

I am looking to rent a hospital grade pump to help get my supply established and create a good stash for going back to work.  I've found a place to rent that seems to have the best prices for my area and they offer both the Medela Symphony and the Lactina Select.  The Symphony is $70 a month while the Lactina is only $50 - is there a significant difference between them?  Is the Symphony worth $20 extra a month?

Thanks for your input!

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Re: Medela Symphony vs Lactina?

  • I rented the Lactina and wish I could have gotten the Symphony. I have never used the Symphony but from what I can tell from Medela's website it uses the 2-phase technology that the PISA uses. For the first 2 minutes it pumps quickly simulating the baby's initial suckles to encourage letdown and then changes to slow sucks that simulate a baby drinking. You can do this using the Lactina if you just adjust the speed and vacuum settings properly (fast with low suction and then slow with high suction) the Symphony will probably just make it easier. FWIW I found the 2-phase technology in the PISA to be very helpful and am pumping much more using it that I did my hospital grade Lactina. It's possible the Lactina could have worked just as well but I could never remember to adjust the settings on it.
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  • I used both.  I used the Lactina in the hospital since they didn't have anymore Symphonys on hand.  That was for 5 days. I didn't produce anything.  My boobs were sore and it was very noisy.  The last day the LC came in, saw that I wanted to rent, looked at the pump and was upset.  She called the DME company and within an hour I had a Symphony. 

    The Symphony was my buddy for 7 months.  I developed an over supply.  It truly is worth the extra money.  I even carted it off to work for 5 months.  I also EP'd with it.  I liked that pump so much that if we have #2, I will be renting it again.  The extra cost in renting vs. buying is well worth it to us. It was quiet and the two phase was great.  I never had any issues with this pump.

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