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Does anyone have experience at St. Anthony's Birthing Center?

 I may be jumping the gun (husband and I are going to ttc in the spring), but I recently found an OBGYN that I really liked at St. Anthony's, believing when I went there that she was affiliated with St. Anthony's and St. John's (stated on my insurer's website and my friend who is a nurse at St. John's says she's worked with her).  Now it seems that she may only be affiliated with St. Anthony's (according to the practice's website).  I really like her and would like to stick with her, but can't find much info on St. Anthony's for birthing save for what is available on their website.

Re: St. Anthony's Birthing Center

  • You can never plan too far in advance! I delivered both babies at St. A's and had good experiences both times. It's not the "birthing mecca" that St. John's is, but I really had no complaints either time.

     They don't have LDRP rooms so you will switch rooms a few hours after you deliver, but that really isn't a big deal in my opinion. If you were hoping for a natural birth with some tub time, I believe they only have one or two L&D rooms with a whirlpool so you might take that into consideration as well.

    It's not the most glamorous place, but the staff is nice and we were comfortable there. Hope this helps!

     You might try caling the OB's office since you're finding conflicting info. Might make the decision that much easier. 

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  • Is the doc with Women's Health partner's?  If so, as of 2 years ago they delivered at St. John's as well.  I delivered at St. Anthony's with my 4th baby and thought it was just fine.  
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