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Just found out we're pregnant with our first... We live in N. Phoenix, but want to deliver at Scottsdale Shea.  Any good doctor suggestions in the N Phoenix/Scottsdale area?

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  • None in scottsdale. I have Dr Mary Helene Brown at Banner on thunderbird. She is wonderful!

  • Dr. Marilynn Laughead (or Dr. Snell) at Sonoran Consultants (92nd St. & Shea).  The WHOLE staff is AWESOME!  I switched a month ago from Desert West - I live in Peoria and was extremely unhappy at that practice.  Dr. Laughead was recommended to me independently by 2 VERY trusted friends and I have had a great experience so far.
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  • I highly recommend Dr Eckel with Valley ob/gyn. They have two different locations both are right by the Scottsdale hospitals(Shea and Osborn). He delivers at both. He delivered my son this past Thursday at Scottsdale and Osborn. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with both my pregnancy and delivery. Good luck to you!
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  • I used Dr De Santo from Camelback Women's Health on Shea and Tatum. He is really knowledgeable and nice but not super  outgoing if that makes sense. I would reccomend the whole office.

    FWIW- I just delivered at Scottsdale Shea and I was frustrated with the miscommunication. We took a tour 2 weeks before I had the baby (he was 3 weeks early) and the Dr giving the tour was telling us about the respite nursery who could take the baby for 2-3 hours so Mom can rest. I was thinking "Oh, I am fine rooming with the baby, but good to know." There were people on the tour annoyed that they would only take the baby for 3 hours, they wanted 6-8. So, flash forward to a 21 hour labor where the epidural never took. So, I ask about the nursery for 2 hours so I can rest a little. The nurse scoffed at me and told me they don't have one. We asked a nicer nurse later and she told us that it had closed last year during flu season and never reopened. Uh- the tour was 2 weeks ago. The people who wanted 6 hours are really going to be pissed! My baby is not a good sleeper and slept maybe 2 hours in the two days we were there and the staff was no help. They just kept telling me to swaddle him- which didn't work.

    I also am having serious issues breastfeeding since he was early. I had no idea having a healthy baby a little early would cause issues. They told me they have out patient services if we still had trouble. Well, when I called, they said that he isn't feeding because he was early and really there is nothing they can do until he hits 40 weeks. BUT- they won't see babies over 2 weeks old. He will be 3.5 weeks when he hits 40 weeks- so they can't help us at all. I was also somewhat forced to give him formula at 5 hours old. I really wish I would have waited. 

    I am a really laid back person and not much upsets me, but I found the whole thing very frustrating. 

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  • Dr. Paul McKernan at Arrowhead obgyn is AWESOME!!
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  • If you can get in with Dr. Snell, I give her a high recommendation.  I saw the other doctor in her practice while I was pregnant with my daughter but I saw Dr. Snell as well.  I had severe preeclampsia and those two doctors saved both my life and my daughters.  She is an awesome doctor.

    If you cannot get in to see Dr. Snell, I now go to Dr. Mary Deka because my other doctor moved out of the state.  Dr. Deka is really good as well.  Her office is right across the street from the hospital.

    Dr. Deka phone: (480) 443-4437


    Congratulations on your pregnancy!   


  • Thanks!  I actually ended up going to Dr. Deka for my first appt. even before I read your post!  Another friend recommended me to her.  I love her already!  My husband came with & she made him feel totally comfortable!  Awesome... we got to see the little "flicker" of a heartbeat... & the embryo.  So very cool... I'm only 6 weeks, so I was surprised they gave me an u/s.  :)
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