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Laughing Cow cheese?

Is this kind of cheese on the avoid list or is it okay?

Re: Laughing Cow cheese?

  • It's pasteurized so it is fine.

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  • You can eat any cheese that is pasteurized - which is pretty much every cheese you buy in the grocery store.
  • Okay, thanks.  Just heard something about soft cheeses, so I wanted to make sure.
  • It is pasteurized and is definitely ok.

  • Even most soft-cheeses you can find in the grocery store are now pasteurized... so just read the label... just stay away from soft cheeses at restaurants and things bc you don't know where they got it from... I think a lot of companies now pasteurize because of safety reasons...
  • Its definitely fine, and delicious! I have been living off of the new sun-dried tomato & basil one with crackers. Its pasturized just like feta cheese you find at the grocery store also.
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  • I went to a restaurant and got a Greek salad and I just asked them if the feta was pasteurized. They checked it and said it was. 
  • You can eat cheese from restaurants! All cheeses are pasturized in the US with the exception of chorizo cheese, which comes from Mexico. 

  • i had been wondering the same thing about babybel cheese because it is "semi-soft", but i ready semi-soft cheeses are ok.  i am going to avoid soft cheeses though, even though they are most like pasteurized and ok from what i understand.
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  • image carrie4g:

    You can eat cheese from restaurants! All cheeses are pasturized in the US with the exception of chorizo cheese, which comes from Mexico. 

    This is not at all true.

    First off, chorizo is pork sausage not cheese. You may be thinking of queso blanco or queso fresco. However, this kind of queso is not the same thing as melty-cheese dip (sometimes served with chorizo sausage in it).

    Second, saying that restaurants cannot serve unpasteurized cheeses seems to be a Bump urban legend. Nothing that I have seen from the FDA, USDA, or recall from my health department certification classes (albeit that was 9 years ago) supports your assertion. While most restaurants do not serve unpasteurized cheese, I'm thinking that a a 4-star restaurant's imported cheese platter probably has some super-amazing unpasteurized cheese on it because...

    Third, many (most?) imported cheese are not pasteurized (not just those from Mexico). In contrast, all commercial US cheeses are, but things like artisan/homemade/farmer's market cheese may not be.

    OP--you are fine eating any pasteurized cheese.

  • I didn't even think that laughing cow was "real" cheese since it's not required to be velveeta.
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