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OMG! Recalls!

I signed up for recall emails and I got one today about sleep positioners.  That was not such a big surprise since I had read on the Nurseries and Baby Gear Board that they can lead to suffocation.

However, I now log onto the Nurseries and Baby Gear Board to see that FP had a major recall, including some high chairs.  It listed the Healthy Care High Chair, including the rainforest and aquarium version, but I have the Precious Planet version which is basically the same thing just different theme.  I wonder if that one is included. 

There seem to be so many recalls nowadays.  Is it just me because now I am actually paying attention to baby products?  Or, has this always been the case?  I also wonder if this has to do with the way products are manufactured cheaply through outsourcing while when we were growing up products were built to last and not made of so much cheap plastic.


Re: OMG! Recalls!

  • Remember, you can always check recalls for any item, not just baby related ones at

     Don't panic if you have a different themed one, sometimes recalls can be very specific per pattern, other times are more broad.  Just check out the site and hopefully everything will be okay. 

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  • That's the website I used for recall notifications; however, I only signed up for emails for baby/toddler items.

    I called FP and our high chair is not included in the recall.  But, it's just a little scary how so many things seemed to be recalled lately. 

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  • i think a lot has to do with the fact that we as moms are so on top of this stuff and find out about the recalls. But I am sure there is a component of them using cheaper material to save money in this economy.
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  • We have used highchairs that were part of the recall.  I just ordered the replacement parts to make them safe. 

    For anyone that has products affected, check to see if your model was specifically recalled:


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