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Has anyone delivered at Centerpoint in Independence, MO?? This is where I have to deliver in Dec or was it? What should I expect as far as bringing supplies to the hospital---i.e. do I need to bring diapers??

 Thanks in advance!

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Re: Centerpoint Medical Center

  • I did not deliver there (I went to St. Mary's in BS), however, they will have diapers and everything you will need for your little one there. They will have snap shirts for your LO to wear and lots of blankets to swaddle with. They will also provide formula if that is something you might want. I would just bring a special outfit for pictures and whatever going home outfit you want.

    For yourself bring slippers, lounge pants or night gowns, you probably don't want to spend your whole stay in their hospital gowns. Also bring your toothbrush, shampoo and all that stuff. I could have cared less about my hair and makeup so I left all that at home. If you dh is staying at the hospital with you have him bring a change of clothes and snacks.

    I had a planned c/s so I am not sure what other focus items or things like that you might want while you are in labor (again if that is the route you are taking).

     **Slippers are the big one for me. I had my girls the end of December and the floors were cold on my feet. They were also great for walking the halls because people brought salt in from the parking lot. They were easy to slip on when I could not bend over.  

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  • image MelZull:

    I did not deliver there (I went to St. Mary's in BS), however, they will have diapers and everything you will need for your little one there.

    And don't forget - when you're getting discharged, take all the diapers, vaseline, formula samples, ice packs (if you have a vaginal delivery), etc. that are in your room. Your insurance has already probably been charged for them. Our nurse even helped us pack that stuff up!

    Melissa started a great list. I wore a t-shirt and yoga pants for most of my stay. Other random things we brought were our cell phone charger and camera. We had a pre-admission check-in, but you probably want to bring your insurance card & ID anyway.

    I delivered at OP Med Center, and they had a whole snack room for dads (or moms after delivery). DH didn't find out about it until several hours into my labor, though, so he was getting hungry! You might want to ask about that if you are going on a tour.
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  • Thanks for the helpful information.  I am delivering at Centerpoint in November 2010.
  • This is where my OB recommended me a doc at since we have moved to Independence, i know nothing about this facility; i have my first visit with the doc  on the 19th(9wk appt) but if you don't mind let me know how your experience is there! Due date May 19th 2011


  • I delivered there in October of 2009 and had a geat experience. I only had 1 nurse I didnt care for but everyone else there was extremely helpful. Like other pp's have said everything is provided just have to bring your own clothes,shampoo, soap etc unless you want to be in a gown during your stay. Take a few outfits for baby. A photographer will come around and take pictures of the baby on day 2 usually if you would like. I took a new born and a 0-3 month outfit because I was not sure how big DD would be. They perfer you don't dress the baby except for pictures and going home. They come in so often and check on baby so they are constantly dressing and undressing the baby and it makes it harder for them.

    Ask for extra diapers,binki's, wipes and even feminine products before you leave and most nurses will bring you some. I came home with enough feminine products to get me through.

    They will even bring you a breast pump to use if you request it and provide you will all the parts to take home with you(Not the actual machine just the ipment to go with it.). You can also rent the breast pump from them or Babies R Us after you go home. It was kind of expensive ($65 a month)so I just used my own  breast pump I bought before hand and was able to use the stuff (tubes and etc.) with my machine. If your not sure your going to Breast feed for long it might be cheaper to rent for a month or 2 instead of spending $250-$300 or more. The lactation consultants were always there for me and would answer any questions I had even after going home. One even gave me her personal cell number to contact her if I needed. I even took DD back a week later to get help and support. They also offer post pardum support groups for you to use if you wish. I never used any of them but had friends that did and loved them.

    When they ask you if your going to formula feed or breast feed I suggest you say your going to suplement. If you don't they won't bring you any bags of formula samples. My milk didnt come in for a few days and then I had send my husband out to the store. If you don't end up using it you can just donate it.

     Hope this all helps a little. H&H the rest of your pregnancy!

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  • I just delivered there in May this year.  They dressed Hudson in a little sleep sack and provided all the things like diapers, wipes and a little hat for him to wear.  If you need extra supplies such as witch hazel wipes, just ask your nurse.  The LC's are great support for breastfeeding and they even have a support group once a week that we still attend.  I have met some mommy friends this way and Hudson has some great baby friends now too!  If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me!  GL with your delivery!
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  • Thanks for all of the info...this certainly helps give me a heads up for delivery soon!! Smile
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  • Hi,

     I delivered my now 10 week old son at Centerpointe. We had a great experience! Everyone was so friendly and helpful every step of the way. There is a snack room for you and yes they supply everything that you could need for your baby. Make sure that you take everything home with you. Good luck!!

  • Great to hear you had a nice experience...that puts my mind at ease that they are good to work with at such an important and intimate time! Thanks.
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