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My washer has been going all day

Holy cow! My kids make an insane amount of laundry. Thank goodness homework is done. Early bedtime tonight. How was everybody else's weekend? 
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Re: My washer has been going all day

  • Mine has been as well! I bought a few winter clothes for the boys today and I got back and thought "I just made myself more laundry to do!!"...what was I thinking?


  •  I unfortunantly didnt do my laundry on my normal schedule of doing it on Thursdays due to the heat so it got fanned out from Friday to last night. I still havent put any of it away. At least I got it folded. :)

    Weekend was good. I got some time with DH and the kids and also got to go to breakfast with my best friend which I haven't done in, I dont know how long... DD came down with a cold yesterday and so I am hoping she will be ok to go to school tomorrow as I am trying to get back on a routine for my workouts and house things as well as nap schedule for DD#3.


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  • We had a pretty good weekend.

    Saturday just lounged around.

    Sunday we went up to my MILs house to visit and eat.  She made an awesome pot of chicken n noddles.  And my fav gooey butter cake!  My SIL also gave me 5 boxes of name brand clothes for the baby!  

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