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James_love- just saw your blog, LOVE it! I would like to make the owl pops for DD's  snack day at pre-school next week, do you think if I made them on Sunday they would still be fresh for Tuesday? Brighting- what are these rice molds you speak of in your adorable lunches? DD #1 loves rice and it looks like something I would like to try for her. Thanks ladies!

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  • Rice Mold Set of 2 Barrel + Triangle
    Square Nigiri Sushi Mold
    I have these ones (not the triangle one, the other 2). I bought them at the Marukai store in San Diego but they're also available through Amazon. They work with plain white rice as well as others that I've tried (Mexican rice with beans and corn). It doesn't make the rice stick together enough to pick it up and eat it with her hands, though. I think the triangle one was designed to be eaten with hands, but we don't have that one.

    Here are the Amazon links (I didn't purchase them here so I'm not sure about the quality, etc., but these look just like mine).




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    <img width=250 src="http://tinyurl.com/9mph27n">
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  • Sorry, I went out of town for the weekend and just got back.  If you make them on Sunday, just put plastic wrap over them and they should be fine by Tuesday.  The plastic wrap will prevent them from hardening.  Hope that helps.
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