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Work at home moms?

Is there anybody here that is currently working from home while taking care of a baby?  I have 5 more months until our due date, and am planning on discussing with my employer what all my options are.  Since child care can be so expensive, the idea of working from home looks very attractive.  However, it also seems difficult for a first time mom. 
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Re: Work at home moms?

  • This question is asked a lot on this board and from moms who have been there - it's tough.

    Most companies require you to have child care when you are working from home.  The reality is that it is very difficult to actually get work done when you are also caring for a little one.  Some people will tell you that newborns sleep a lot, and they do.  That phase is pretty short lived though.  Very quickly newborns get more active and demand more of your attention. 

    You didn't mention what you do or if you work full time but if your job requires being on the phone at all you cannot have a crying baby in the background. 

    I would really think it through and see if you believe the job 1) can be performed well from home and 2) if it can be done around a baby's routine.  If not, I wouldn't even bring it up to your boss.



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  • I don't work from home full time, but I do on occasion have to work in the evenings and on weekends while I'm home. I also work part time so on my days off I often have to do some coordination with coworkers and clients. It is nearly impossible to get anything of any substance done with the kids there. Work knows this, and knows that if I am volunteering to do this work (rather than it being scheduled work on my normal work days) they need to be flexible.

    There is no way I can see regularly working from home while taking care of a child. MAYBE during the first few weeks when they are in the sleepy baby phase (although DD never went through that) but after that no way. Unless the work can be done during off hours while your SO is around to take care of the baby. (and no way would I want to do this scenario as I value my down time with DH too much). Otherwise it isn't fair to your baby who will be sitting around while you work, or your work who will essentially be paying you to watch your child most of the day.

  • I work from home 90% of the time.  My job involves no human interaction (except when I email my reviewer).  I have a co-worker whose child is about to turn 1 and has never had child care.  She is stretched so unbelievably thin and will readily state that she has no time to herself and is exhausted.  She works nights and weekends and basically never does anything except work or child care.

    I have not had child care for DS for a week here or there and it is doable but I would not want to have to do it on a regular basis as I was struggling to find time to eat lunch during the day let alone anything else.  Then, DS would go to bed for the night, I would clean up the kitchen and go back to work.  No time with DH, no time to unwind, just work and then to bed.

    Conclusion: doable? yes. Enjoyable/preferable? Hell no, hire someone even part time (our nanny worked 5 hours a day for a long time and that was generally enough for me to get my work done so that I had time to unwind in the evening).

  • My husband works at home while taking care of DS and I work out of home and bring DD to work with me. I think it really depends on what kind of job you do, if you can work flexible hours, what your tasks are, baby's personality etc. DH has never complained and his productivity has actually increased since having DS at home. DS has a little desk set up next to DH's and often does art projects next to him. When he was very little his jumperoo was next to the desk.Mind you DH's schedule is flexible and he's been working from home long before we ever had children.

    I've been back to work since the beginning of August and I honestly don't find it to be a big deal at all. I've just kind of gotten into a routine with DD and she's an all around content baby.Its honestly really nice to have her around... and really conducive to breastfeeding since its hard for me to let down for a pump.

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  • I work from home FT and DD has gone to daycare since she was 5 months old (when I returned from maternity leave).  My job is essentially a normal 9-5 type job that you would have in the office, the only benefit being I don't have to commute or anything.  I have to be available at all times, answer phones, be extremely responsive,  be on conference calls all day.  There is absolutely NO WAY I would be as good at my job as I am if I had to watch DD all day as well.  I do have some coworkers that tend to swing it with less than FT childcare but in my opinion they aren't as good performers.  For ME, if I am going to spend my time working, I am going to be the best at it and give it 100%..and it's paid off.  I am a top performer and we've just had a round of severe reductions of my position and I've hung onto my job because I have proven myself.
  • I WFH and take care of my twins. I'm telling you, it is nearly impossible. I'm so exhausted and ready to run away. The twins are a holy terror because their schedule is thrown off and I'm dying from trying to do everything at once. It's not possible. I'm going to start looking for someone to watch the twins while I work.
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