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Who is your OBGYN? We are in Morgantown, but planning (hoping, really) to relocate to either Buckhannon or Clarksburg. I'm TTC.
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Re: Motown/Clarksburg-

  • I saw an OB in Morgantown before my m/c.  Now I am looking to move to an OB in Clarksburg.  I have my first apt at the end of April so hopefully it all works out.
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  • who did you see in Morgantown? What about in Clarksburg? If you give me a few names, that would be fabulous. :o)
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  • Hi! I live in Clarksburg and used Dr. King for my first son. Overall we were fairly satisfied with him. We are actually doing the opposite of you as we are going to be using a midwife in Morgantown and are planning to give birth at Mon General's Birth Center this time around, as I wanted something more natural. I can highly recommend a pediatrician, which is Dr. Joe Momen. My first son was a few weeks early and he has been wonderful with him since the day he was born (he's now 6). He remembers even little things about him, and you can tell he cares about the kids. He was also my husband's pediatrician, so you know he has a lot of experience! We have also seen Dr. Jennifer Momen (his daughter in law) and she's great as well.
  • Oh and I've heard good things about Dr. Julie McCammon in Clarksburg, but don't have personal experience. If you would be in Buckhannon, Associates for Women's Health is supposed to be a great practice, they have an OBGYN and several midwives and PAs.
  • Thanks for all the info! I actually grew up in Buckhannon, so I know about the OBGYNs there. I'll look into Dr. King. Thanks!
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  • I had my appointment with Dr. King, but I am heading back up to Morgantown for any more appointments that I will need.  Dr. King does not have an ultrasound in his office so you have to go to UHC.  For my insurance they will pay for in office ultrasounds, but I have to pay quite a bit for ones done at the hospital.  I also waited for about 3.5 hours for my appointment.  I can drive to Morgantown and get back before I got in for my appointment with him.  I think that he is the best OB in Clarksburg so everyone is wanting to see him.  My regular doctor when I was looking for an OB would not recommend Dr. McCammon.
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  • In Morgantown, you basically have two options. 
    Deliver at Mon General and see Women's Health Care (3 drs & 3 (maybe 4, I heard one left, midwives).  They are generally very good and have an in house ultrasound. You rotate through all of them and the one you like the most or one they pick is your 'doctor' or your 'midwife.'

    Allison Alexander & Craig..someone, he's new.  She delivers at Mon Gen.  She let my friend go over 42 weeks, and have a LOOOONNGGGG delivery with no help from her.  I wouldn't go there.  

    Deliver at Ruby, see Cheat Lake OB/GYN or OB inside of WVU.  You generally won't get to pick a dr.  and whoever is on call when you deliver is who helps you pop that baby out.  You are immediately transferred to a different room about an hour after you have a baby.  

    Hope that helps.

    I went to WHC and as for dr.'s I liked Dr. Latif, as for Midwives I loved Gail Rock and she is who delivered me.  


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  • I am 38 weeks now and started out by seeing Dr. McCammon down here in clarksburg. At first I was a lil squeamish at her office. It isn't as clean as I had hoped a dr's office would be. and bedside manner.. always felt like she was too busy and too many people with appointments at the same time waiting to see her. (easily a 3+ hour wait for a 15 min appointment.)

     After injuring my back and an er visit to Ruby (where my normal dr's are and since it was under worker's comp) Dr. McCammon's office became difficult to deal with since I didn't goto UHC. When I needed to get clearance from her to go back to work at my follow up appointment she wasn't there which we didn't find out for 4 hours and I understand baby's come when they come but the problem was I needed to see her before I could go back to work and as a followup from the injury not to mention the medi they gave me to hold me over had run out and her assistant said oh come back in3 weeks.

     Some of the office staff are really harsh there and dense. Our insurance switched Jan 1'st and to this day they still can't manage to bill the right insurance company. Not to mention the visit that I didn't get to see her I got charged for seeing her which kinda has me ticked cause they keep harassing us to pay when they can't seem to charge the right darn insurance company. UGH

    I switched to Dr Shapiro at Cheat lake and have been really happy since. My boss had recommended him and he is a nice guy. I liked what I saw at Ruby. As for moving you after the baby is born I don't know cause mine hasn't been born yet but I will let you know. I have been told by all the ladies I know that delivered you get to stay in the same room the entire time. Would make sense cause the rooms are stocked with baby supplies, diapers blankets etc and so forth. and the baby and daddy can room in with you.

     I have also seen Dr. Booth at Cheat Lake when Dr. Shapiro was out on vacation and he has been there for me this week when I re injured my back and ended up staying in ruby for a few days . They both have been super nice and have taken however much time was needed to answer questions and explain stuff and never seemed in a hurry to 'push' me out the door for the next patient.

  • That's awesome =)

    I'm actually going to WHC, and I absolutely love Gail. The other's there are very, very sweet and helpful, but there's something that just... sets Gail out.

    Personally, I'd never go to Ruby to deliver. My sister did, and they turned what should have been a short labor into over 24 hours.

    (She was wanting to do it all naturally, and those nurses and students scared her into accepting pain medicine. Then they over did the pain meds, knocked her out, and stopped her labor. They were rude to everyone, mostly her, the entire time.) 

  • I see Dr. King and he delivered my son in April.


    I went to McCammon for my first OB appointment because I wanted a women since that's what I'm used to. However, I didn't get a good vibe from her. I heard she dressed gothic but I didn't want to judge if she really gave good health care. But the appointment was too quick and impersonal (hello, this was my first baby!), and the pictures of half naked men on her wall put me over the edge.

    So I switched to Dr. King, and it was like night and day. I was kind of weirded out by seeing a man but I was not uncomfortable in the slightest. I did have a few long waits but nothing that was a big deal. I was very satisfied with him and continue to see him.

     Click here for my birth story.

  • Couldn't agree more with you! I picked midwives because they were women and heard great things about Gail. She is so sweet and very warm and friendly. She spent awhile with me and my BF since it's our first and told us we were having a girl before our first ultrasound by listening to her heartbeat, this woman knows her babies!

    I've seen Lisa twice and was waiting for hours, once they called in someone from mon gen for her appointments that day, but it's easy at WHC to request a specific midwife for each appointment, the support staff is super helpful. The rooms including the waiting room are clean and comfortable.

    They deliver at Mon General which has really nice birthing suites and if it's not overly busy you can stay in a spacious room with disguised medical equipment (it's stored in the walls behind paintings and cabinets) so you don't have a hospital feel unless you need it. But if they are busy you get shuttled into a tiny cramped (barely climate controlled) recovery room, which fits 3 people if you're lucky.  

    Best of luck! 

  • I gave birth to my DD (now 2 yrs old) through WHC (Womens Health Care). Dr.Latif was my favorite but when it came time to go into L&D Dr. George was on call. She barely made it into the room on time, you could tell the nurses and midwife were pissed. The midwife (i was in so much pain i dont remember her name) actually scrubbed in and was getting ready to have me push when Dr.George walked in the room ON HER CELL PHONE! My friend outside about strangled her because they could hear me screaming and nobody could find the DR.

     After my daughter was born I found out the hard  way I have a tolerance to the anesthetic they use before giving stitches, the medicine was not working, I was in so much pain. Dr. George said she was almost done....and they knocked me out. I missed my DD's first hour of life; and when I awoke everyone was back in the room, had already held her and DH was asleep on the cot next to me. (oh & she also did not stitch me up correctly but at my 6 wk PP checkup said everything looked fine.)

    BUT I loved the nurses at Mon General, I loved the birting center, I loved having a romantic dinner with my husband after DD was born, I loved that they encouraged me to not get the epi when I was begging for it during transition because they knew I wanted to go natural,  so just because I had a bad experience with Dr. George I will still be delivering baby #2 at Mon General but I plan to see the midwives through WHC instead of a DR. 

     Ps. conveniently enough when I went in for my first prenatal appointment with this baby there were signs up all over the office saying Dr.George no longer worked in their office....I wonder why ?!  I'm guessing I'm not the first to have an experience like that :

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