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Safe teas during pregnancy?

I have read conflicting things on the internet. I am dying for some Celestial Seasonings--I  have Sleepy Time Tea--- but I have read some things about not drinking any chamomile, or lemongrass and there are both of those things in Sleepy Time. I will ask my doc the next time I go in, but that won't help me now! My next apt is not for another 3 weeks! I hate to call the nurse line for a stupid tea question. Any tea specialists out there? :) TIA! 
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Re: Safe teas during pregnancy?

  • I'm not an expert, but I drank tea a lot throughout my pregnancy and never had issues. Also, my Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy book never said anything about not drinking tea, so I would think it's OK.
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  • I took a Nurturing the Mother Course this weekend and was told: 

    "If you only make on nutritional suggestion to your pregnant clients let it be the use of this tea daily. (red Raspberry leaf/nettle tea) Red Raspberry is helpful to all women be they menstruating, TTC, pregnant, or post-menopausal. It nourishes and tones the female reproductive system. Nettles build the body's stores of iron, The combination of the two herbs enhances both the taste and the benefit." -Clair Marie Miller

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