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court tomorrow **update

Tonight while we sleep (or don't sleep, rather) a judge in Ethiopia will look at our case.  Hopefully everyone and everything will be in order and we will pass- meaning that next weekend we'll leave to meet our son and attend our 2nd court date in country.  I don't know how I'll sleep tonight or how nuts I'll go waiting on my phone to ring tomorrow but I would definitely appreciate any thoughts or prayers you could send our way!! 



We had a minor delay which should be resolved Monday! 

Re: court tomorrow **update

  • Very exciting!!! I'll be praying.
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  • Exciting! I'll be praying for you!
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  • GL! Hopefully you get to meet your son soon!
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  • How exciting!! Lots of good thoughts and prayers!
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  • WOOP!!


    I was super confused for a sec since I was like "wait, you're not going to be there for court???" and didn't realize it was the first one. My friend Joanna was there for court Yesterday morning and got home this afternoon. She said they were inside for the trial only about 3 minutes. 


    Excited for ya!

  • That is super exciting! Make sure to update when you get the call!
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  • how exciting!!! keep us posted on how it goes...
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