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Home Study, Finally! Questions...

Now that all of our paperwork had been completed and all of the background checks are back, our home study has been assigned to a worker and we have scheduled our interviews and home visit.  Yay!

I pretty much know what will be checked when she comes for the home visit, but I was wondering what kinds of questions are asked and what kinds of topics  are discussed when we have our individual interviews.  I'm sure that all of them are a little different.  What was your experience like?


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  • It depends on how much detail you've gone into already. We had 2 meetings with our SW before the home visit, so that visit was maybe 45 minutes and pretty cut and dry. She went through the house and asked about home size, # of rooms, etc, asked about smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and toured the place. She asked about the diversity of our neighborhood and our town. It was a pretty mellow meeting.


  • We have our in-office visit/interview this Friday, so I'd love to know too!
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  • Seriously, be prepared to answer questions about ANYTHING. Your sex life. Your relationship with you parents and siblings. Your plans for discipline. Religious beliefs. Your finances. How you resolve disagreements. 

    It's a very invasive process, and it can be a little crazy for people who are very private by nature. 

  • She asked us about the neighborhood and our finances, but she spent a lot of time talking about our child rearing philosophy.  She wanted to know what we thought of as good disciplinary actions at certain ages. 
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  • our SW asked us about our marriage, our philosophies on discipline, about our childhoods, our family/friends/support system, how many children we  were open to accepting at one time and the ages we were open to, our religious views.  it was very specific, but very mellow.  she kept reassuring us that her job wasn't to find something to keep us from being able to adopt. 



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