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PCP/TTC/ATP Wednesday

Updates? Who's got 'em? Wanna brag? Need some help? Post it here!

QOTD: How do parenting styles differ between you and SO? Or, how do you anticipate them to differ?

Re: PCP/TTC/ATP Wednesday

  • Kylie STTN Saturday and Sunday and then went back to the same old up at 5 AM to eat.  It wold not be so bad if she still slept until 9 AM like she used to but now she gets up for the day at 7:30! We have our last hip u/s tomorrow.  If it comes back clear Kylie only has two more weeks (at 8 hours a day) in her hip brace!! Then an xray at 6 months to confirm there were no other effects from her hip dysplasia! I feel so lucky we caught it early on and she was only in the brace 24/7 for 5 weeks!

    Ann is WAY more relaxed than I am about things.  I am pretty much Kylie has a sort of schedule and a bedtime routine that I like to stick with every night. And sometimes Mom flies by the seat of her pants so to speak...like last night when I call her on my last break (9PM so Kylie should be in bed) they are at her friend's house and she is playing rummy while holding Kylie.  She then tells me she is asleep and is getting ready to put her pjs on and lay her down. Well they are home by the time I get home BUT she gave her the wrong bottle (she gets some cereal in her bottle at night since her AR is SO bad at night) and when she only drank 2 oz and dozed off she let it go....so she was up at like 1 AM to eat!!!  That means Mommy only got 1.5 hours of sleep before getting up, then she was up again at 5:30 to eat, and again at 7:30 for the day....I NEED caffeine!!!!

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  • Not much to update on right now.  I finally had to ask our SW if she can hook us up with another local foster family to use as our backup sitter.  As mentioned before, SIL isn't doing her share of the work (fingerprinting - flaked on appt, TB and health screen reports - over a month late).  Part 2 of our homestudy is this Friday, hopefully that's it and we are referred for adoption quickly.

    QOTD: DW and I differ a lot in our parenting styles...  She is more strict and the disciplinarian, where I am more relaxed and soft hearted.  Our differences work out well for us and DD gets a balance of love and rules. 

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  • JB is at such a fun stage :-)  She giggles and smiles all the time.  She has 2 teeth now!! 2! I can't wait for K to see her this weekend. I'm sure she won't believe what a big girl we have now.

    QOTD - It's hard to say since K has been away.  I know I'm much more relaxed about developmental stuff.  K is always like "is she supposed to do that? Is that normal?" I know it's normal stuff and I tell her so.  I guess I'm surprised that between the two of us K has turned out to be the worry wart.  I'm super relaxed, more so than I thought I would be.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that later in life I'm going to be the strict one and K will be relaxed.


  • Sprout's had an emotional couple of days.  Mom cancelled visit at the last minute last week so he's feeling very anxious about the visit that may or may not happen today. Unfortunately for us, "anxious" comes out as weepy, argumentative, and rediculously clingy. I actually offered to wear him the other day b/c he was so under foot, I couldn't get a thing done.

    Rosebud has been her normal happy terror self.  Into everything and wanting to follow her brother everywhere. I dont think she has any idea that she's littler than him. I can't believe she's almost 11 months - time to start thinking about transitioning off the formula and bottles!

    QOTD: When it comes to Rosebud, DW and I have very similar styles.  We both consider ourselves APers and are on the same page with things like CIO and scheduling.  I'm generally more relaxed and confident w/ her than DW is (especially when she was little), but it works well for us because DW is happy to hand over the reigns.

    We have disagreed on the parenting of Sprout, though.  The big things (spanking, yelling, house rules, ect) we agree on, but I'm much more calm and relaxed with him whereas she gets angry and will occasionally put punishment before discipline.  She'd say I give him too many chances and let him manipulate me...but I'd say she is too controlling at the expense of thier relationship and he has a lot more emotional damage than she acknowledges.  So, balancing the differences in our parenting styles is a work in progress. 

  • Well last week it seemed like Henry was ready to move to an earlier bedtime.  He's been a night owl since the beginning, and generally goes to sleep for the night around 10/10:30.  But last week he started melting much earlier.  So we started a new bedtime routine, where we went upstairs at 8:00, gave him a bath, read him a story, I nursed him and put him down in his crib.  He would sleep there for an hour, get up to nurse some more, go back down in the crib, and then wake again an hour later to nurse to sleep with us in bed (we've been cosleeping all along and loving it), and then he'd STTN. (Previously, we'd all go upstairs at 9 and all get ready for beady together, then all tuck in and be asleep by 10/10:30) It was going great.  I was starting to get excited about C and I having some time alone in the evening. And then... 

    He did a total 180!  Now he is back to his old night owl self.  He's back to taking a nap later in the evening (like 6:30-7:30 or so), and being WIDE awake and ready to PARTY until 10! LOL  Just when you think you've got it all figured out.... Wink

    QOTD: So far we are on the same page.  Which is kind of a stroke of luck.  Neither of us anticipated just how APish (pretty much 100% Smile ) we'd be!  For example, C was totally against bedsharing before Henry was born, I was open to it, but fine with cosleeping with him in the room, but not the bed, and within a matter of days after he was born we were all in bed together happy as clams, LOL.

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  • We've had a few behavioral challenges here and there this week which (shouldn't...but it does) frustrate the crap out of me.

    In general we are pretty much on the same page. L tends to be more relaxed but not to their detriment.  I think it is because she is with them less during the week and wants to spend more time with them in the evening.  They might get to bed 30 minutes later with her - but it isn't a big deal.  She is more patient with them regarding behavior - but she is more patient in general.  I would say we work really well together.

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  • QOTD: We won't know until we get a kid, of course, but I think that I will be more relaxed on behavior and a lot more worried about safety than Jen. I also think that she will have higher expectations about chores and contributing to the household than me - her and her sisters were expected to spend most weekends working on rental property improvement/maintenance, had tons of chores, etc. And they had tons of rules, whereas we had very few beyond the basic "be respectful/kind." (I didn't have a curfew in high school, etc.) The good thing is that we know that it will take a lot of patience and discussion to figure it out and we're both open to the other person's point of view, and we have discussed what about our own childhoods worked and didn't work and how we can meet in the middle.


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  • The babies' first daycare colds morphed in to ear infections and upper respiratory tract trouble for both of them, so they are both on amoxycillin and albuterol (via a nebulizer). They seem to be feeling a little bit better (during the day, at least). Poor J got the shakes like crazy from the albuterol treatment last night. I felt so bad for him (I have asthma and have used a nebulizer and had the shakes and it's an awful feeling). I can't wait till they're well again. I want to see their happy-go-lucky smiles again soon!

    Will have to come back for the QOTD-- gotta get the kiddos from daycare!

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  • Ella had her last EI appointment today.  It was sad to say good bye to our case worker.  We still need to get her a gift but didn't get our act together so we will have to send it along to her.  She got a certificate and is now officially graduated.  We didn't get the report yet and am interested to see all the details.  I am so proud of E she really has come such a long way.  Her first eval she scored at 0 months in all categories when she was infact almost 3 months.  Now she is either at her actual age or just 2 months delayed and in one case she tested at 19 months!  Yeah Little E.

    I am struggling with how much S is away from us and how much everything is now on my shoulders now that she is back at school. I am hating Wednesdays and Thursdays sine S is at school until 7pm.  I know it is only for 2 years but I can not wait until she graduates...oh and 2 incomes will be nice too!

    E is recovering from an ear infection so she is sleeping alot and is a bit clingy.  Never2 I feel your sick baby pain.  I hope your kiddos bounce back soon too!

    For the most part S and I am on the same page.  I think I worry more and sometime she does not worry enough but I think we do pretty well.

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  • QOTD:

    Loaded question when we are both on the board Big Smile, so I will let C answer this one. I will say...there are differences...C take it from here Angel.


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  • Update:  I'm still waiting to hear back from my doctor's office to see if they will be able/willing to work with us.  I was "promised" to have a return phone call today, so I'm a little upset not to have heard anything.  Of course, my mind goes right to "They're uncomfortable with the gay".  I'd rather know now though, and find someone else who is comfortable.  I hate waiting for other people. *sigh*

    AOTD:  This is premature, but I think I'll be a bit of a nervous nelly and she'll tell me to relax.  She'll probably be more focused on discipline than I, but less focused on safety.  For example, I do NOT want our kids to play football.  Hello- concussions!!!  She's adamant that if we have one who wants to play, we should let him/her (i.e., encourage the risky behavior).  We'll see! :)

  • Still waiting for AF, CD 37. Called RE for progesterone shot; will call me back tomorrow to schedule. I'm going to be out of town two times in the next 2 weeks, and now I"m just hoping I won't be ovulating on those out-of-town days. 

    QOTD: No kiddos here yet, but I predict I'll be the one to kiss the boo-boos and Kim will be the "fun" mom. She's very athletic, and can't wait to see which sport s/he will try first.

    I *think I'll be more flexible with discipline, though, since I was raised as an only. That, and Kim's older bro does not have his act together, and she feels like their mom's too soft on him.

    I actually took a parenting class this past summer at my college. Our Sociology department has a course. One night, the instructor had us bring our parenting partners and we took several scales of parenting styles. Kim & I turned out pretty much the same on most stuff.

    We shall see...

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  • Avery gained 8 ounces in two days! Holy cow, I now know why I feel like I have been doing nothing but nursing him! 

    J and I are usually on the same page and our answers and responses tend to be interchangeable.  We are both very relaxed about things, but so far we have two very easy kids.  We both have our moments, but overall we go with the flow.  

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    Loaded question when we are both on the board Big Smile, so I will let C answer this one. I will say...there are differences...C take it from here Angel.


    Come on - spill it!  I picture you to be more of the worrier.  I think C is the planner though and probably keeps you on a stricter schedule than you would do on your own.  Am I close? ;-)


  • Nothing new here... I took Clomid (50mg) Sunday-yesterday and I was fine until yesterday when I felt ragey and hateful, lol. It all started Tuesday night when I went to the monthly Alternative Insemination support group DP and I go to, and out of the 5 couples that came I was the only one not pregnant... that started The Rage. Then it festered and I was pure evil yesterday. Today I am feeling better though :) It helps that I read other people's nice success stories regarding Clomid and a trigger from last week's board. Thinking of squishy babies makes The Rage go away.
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