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Hey just wondering if you took the pregnancy test and how it went.

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  • hey girl,

     well the day i went to take the blood test on the way a old guy hit my car and left so i was there in the rain waiting for the police to get there when i get home i went to the bathroom and i got like a spot of my period. i started crying cause i was soo sad. i went to my mother in law and she asked oh was it like dried like how the period is the last couple of days and i go yeah dont worry u can be pregnant. i get home i have nothing no period at all i was like ok so i took a test and it said negative. the next day i had my period fullthrotled so im not i was really sad about it. Things started coming in my head cause my mom had 5 miscarriages so i started thinking omg i wont get pregnant cause what happen to her will happen to me.

    but me and the hubby are gonna start trying to make it happen and we can take advantage once i finish my period to start trying cause thats the best time according to the ovulation calender.


    thanks for asking girl i appreciate that

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