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NBR: Does anyone else just not care about their job?

This is more of a vent and it might just be me, but the longer I stay at my company in the same position the more apathetic I tend to be. I've known for over a year that I wasn't satisfied with my job and have had a few interviews tha have led to nowhere, but now I just feel stuck. I'm not exactly sure what I would want to do outside of this job, but I feel fairly worthless and insignificant when I get to work each day. Anybody else in the same boat? Or at least has been before?
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Re: NBR: Does anyone else just not care about their job?

  • ME ME ME!!! All of that.
    My sweet boy :)
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  • Me.. all day, everyday..
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  • me, me, me.
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  • me  too.  And after Nic it got worse.  For me it sucks b/c the money is good but I'm horribly bored. 
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