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Ugh....thief in our building

Grr.  This happens way too much around here. I saw the guy yesterday getting on the elevator on our floor.  The only offices on our floor are an accountant and our law firm.  He wasn't seeing either of us...he was scoping things out.  One of my boss's offices is behind me and I can't see it unless I turn around.  She went out to get tea.  I faxed something and then was sitting at my desk and thought I saw something in her office so I yelled -"J" are you back?  No response.  So I get up and go in there and it's the dude from yesterday.  I was all authoritative - you need to leave NOW.  And he said he was looking for an attorney.  I said, I don't care, leave NOW.  And he left.  I called the building people and as he was leaving our office my boss walked in and I made her check her office to make sure everything was there.  Thankfully she took her purse with her to get tea and her laptop was still in the office.  They're looking for him all over the building now.  Apparently it's the same guy that's been stealing from other buildings.  
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Re: Ugh....thief in our building

  • Grrr, I hope they catch him!
  • honestly, I am just relieved you are OK.  I'm not sure what I would have done in your situation - I mean once you saw the guy and he saw you what could you do,but, uggg....I really hope you and your boss can work with the building on this.  What if he had been armed or confrontational?
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  • Ugh, scary!  I'm glad everyone is ok!  

    Unfortunately, that's a lot more common than people think.  DH's business does security systems, access control, video surveillance systems, etc. and they've seen a huge increase in thefts happening in offices and office buildings with this economy.

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  • Scary! I am glad you are okay! I hope they catch him!
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