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Parenting Milestone @ 3yrs old

So I was home yesterday with a sick 3 year old.  She will be four in January.  As I was flipping channels and trying to find something to watch/listen to I came across my TIVO episodes of "The Fabulous Beekman Boys".  AWESOME SHOW by the way.

My DD noticed the two men kissing goodbye at the train station and said, "Boys don't kiss."  My heart leapt - I don't think she noticed however.  I just told her that sometimes they do and they love each other the way mommy and daddy love each other. She seemed intrigued by this and questioned it again a few minutes later into the show. I reiterated that yes sometimes boys do kiss one another and went on watching the show with her. I think she just needed the second reassurance.

I knew these issues would come up given that I have an aunt, uncle and many friends and colleagues that are gay but not until I my DD question it yesterday did I realize she has never seen a same sex kiss.

I hope I jumped one of my first parenting hurdles well and started laying the groundwork for lots more questions and conversations. 

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  • That is a parenting hurdle, isn't it!  It sounds like you handled it very matter-of-factly, in a way that reassured her that two men kissing is not against the "rules" and is no big deal.  At the same time, it sounds like you only gave her information that was appropriate for her age.  I like how you put it that the two men "love each other like Daddy and I do" which is a nice way to frame that for a preschooler.

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  • I'm just waiting for this to happen.  We have new neighbors that are moving in on Saturday and it is a gay couple. 
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