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My mother in law keeps ds two days a week. We are trying to stop him from using the paci so much. We try to only give it to him at night, nap, or if he is super fussy. We have told mil this (to which she responds that we are trying to make him grow up to fast), she just sent me a video of him laughing and playing and he has that stupid paci in his mouth. Urrgggghhh I wish she would just respect our decision in that area. I dont want a 4 year old with a paci.

 When did you stop letting your dc have one during the day? DS is 15 months old and I think he is old enough, especially since he doesnt cry for it. She gives it to him even when he is not crying. I hate it because he doesnt talk near as much when its in and you cant see him cute smile.



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Re: MIL Vent

  • I just wanted to say that I feel your pain.  My MIL keeps DS and doesn't listen to me either.  I have no suggestions about the pacifier.

  • I think he's definitely old enough to just have his paci at night/nap. I always just tried to give J his paci when he was sleeping or if he was super fussy. If he doesn't need it for comfort, then she doesn't need to give it to him IMO.
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  • We started only giving the paci at night or naptime between 13 and 14 months. He wasn't all that attached to it anyway, so just after he turned 15 months we took the paci away cold turkey. It took about three days for things to be back to normal at night and naptime.

    GL w/ your MIL.

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