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Didn't someone on here mention that there's now a big kid play area at the stadium? Could you give me more info on that? I'm starting to freak out about this weekend. Apparently the game is going to be sold out which = massive amounts of people and me trying to deal with the baby by myself! I plan to walk around campus with him if he gets feisty but would love a contained area for him to run around in too. I was just going to walk all the way over to the arboretum but something closer would be sweet, too!

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  • The Knothole Club is down under the videoboard.  We were there last week and it's SUPER hectic...nothing organized, just a little area the width of the field.  It's not really contained very well, i.e. nobody monitoring in/out, so I wouldn't leave my kid there.  I saw two kids "lose" their parents--wouldn't want to be the parents that IUPD and BPD come looking for :-(

    We had our 6 year old godson with us and he was almost too little to be playing.  There were jr. high and high school kids in there who weren't paying attention at all to the little ones.

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  • Ditto pp about the Knothole Club.  I would not feel comfortable taking little kids down there.  It seems pretty chaotic and geared more toward the older elementary and up crowd. 
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  • I would never leave DS in a random place like that, so don't worry :). I meant contained as in a place fenced or gated in, not a place where he could run away from me into a road or other hazardous area. He's very much into walking/running away from me now. But I guess this Knothole Club is not a good idea :(.

    Another question though, I was reading about parking and it mentioned something about 37 having construction at some point. I usually park at the church by Dunn and 45/46, is this accessible?  

  • I wasn't suggesting you would :-)  I was saying that it may be hard to keep track of him if he's not real good at following directions.  I will say, though, that the endzone area, surrounding the KC is a pretty open area(and if you are familiar with the stadium, pretty far from any roads).  The KC is contained, I would just be worried about him being run over!!

    I don't think 37 is under construction, but 46 is all tore up...we parked over by Assembly Hall, paid $15 and it wasn't too bad, although our seats were on the west side of the stadium (AH is on the east).  Just don't expect to get to Bloomington at 6:30 for a 7pm kickoff (or whatever time it is) because there is construction and traffic just plain sucks.  

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  • If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, you may want to.  Todd said they are predicting a sell-out!

    Josie 7.22.10
  • image SusieDMB:
    If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, you may want to.  Todd said they are predicting a sell-out!

    I know, nuts! I wonder when the last time an IU game sold out was... probably forever ago! We got them yesterday though, thanks :)

  • Definitely plan to go early.  The grass tailgating lots are filling up between 2 and 3 hours before game time.  With this game, it's going to be packed!  I'm sure the gravel lots and the lots right next to the stadium will be fine.  You should also still be able to access the church on Dunn too.  The grassy area just outside the Knothole Club might be ok as the bigger kids might not run over your DS if you're back a little ways. :)  It gets pretty crazy down there. (And I would never guess that you'd leave your little guy alone...the kids down there are just so crazy.) 

    I can't wait for the game this weekend!  I'm so excited!  I hope you guys have a good time!

  • We're debating whether or not to go to the game.  We took Olivia to the soccer game last night and she was feistier than normal.  She was obsessed with going up and down the steps, which was fine at the soccer game, but won't work as well at the football.

    I would imagine that the kids area gets pretty crowded, but I have no idea.

    We're going to tailgate in the lawn behind McNutt, so let me know if you want to meet up! 

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